• Paraffine-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Parabene-free
  • Triclosan-free
MUM Forbidden Fruit – Forbidden fruits taste the best

MUM Forbidden Fruit – Forbidden fruits taste the best

A deodorant for teenagers and women who are young at heart and do not take themselves or life too seriously: truly out of the ordinary, MUM Forbidden Fruit enchants with its paradise-like perfume of fruity apple. It is perfect for everyone who enjoys life to the full and wants to create their own special, personal style. 

Forbidden fruits: extraordinary and irresistible

Like paradise: the intense, fruity scent of apple in MUM Forbidden Fruit Antiperspirant is a sure favourite with its enticing temptation. It shows just how original and unique an individual fragrance can be. A deodorant for teenagers and all women who are young at heart and love the special and the extraordinary – and who want to stand out from the crowd with a touch of fruit and a little cheek.

Complete deodorant protection – for hours that feel like paradise

Anyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest needs reliable protection against body odour – even in life's heated moments. MUM Forbidden Fruit Antiperspirant offers complete 48h+ protection, leaving your head free for those extraordinary things that make life so interesting. The high-performance antiperspirant effect prevents sweat and odour build-up instead of merely covering body odour with fragrances. This makes MUM Forbidden Fruit the ideal companion for bold, young women who love the extraordinary and want to enjoy life's little secrets to the full without taking themselves too seriously.

Carefree protection for young skin

A deodorant, especially one for teenagers and young women, should be free from unnecessary harmful ingredients. MUM Forbidden Fruit Roll-on Deodorant contains no alcohol, which dries the skin excessively. It also does not use parabens or paraffin oils, as these can cause irritations especially when applied to young skin. By cutting out these harmful ingredients, MUM Forbidden Fruit Roll-on is exceptionally skin-friendly and perfect for teenagers and young women who know what they want. And what's more: young mums and mums who are young at heart and feel a special lust for life can enjoy MUM Forbidden Fruit Deodorant for teenagers too – moments that feel like paradise are just waiting to tempt them away.
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