About Mum

1888 MUM – The traditional brand

An unknown inventor from Philadelphia, USA developed a wax-like cream with slightly antibacterial zinc oxide in 1888.

This was the birth of the first deodorant worldwide. 

The brand MUM owes its name to the nurse of the inventor, who had the nickname MUM.

The first deodorant was used not only to prevent armpit odour but also foot odour. It was hoped that the very expensive silk stockings worn back then would last longer by using the antibacterial cream. Morever, women used the cream during menstruation.

1920 The roaring twenties

The awareness of deodorant grew during “the roaring twenties”. MUM products were manufactured by the company MUM Mfg. Co. in Philadelphia. The cream was available in small tins. The first promotional campaigns were launched.

1932 Bristol Myers buys MUM

The MUM brand quickly gained a good reputation with retailers and consumers alike. The value of the brand grew and aroused interest: Bristol Myers took over the brand MUM in 1932. 

1952 From ballpoint pen to roll-on deodorant

Four years after the first ballpoint pen was released to the market, the MUM brand proved its innovative image once again. 

Inspired by the technique of the ballpoint pen, deodorant was sensationally revolutionised in the 1950’s: In 1952, Bristol Myers presented the first roll-on deodorant. The inventor was Helen Barnett.  

1960 The roll-on success story

MUM roll-on deodorant established itself and steadily grew over the years. After the 1960’s, MUM was successfully launched on all continents throughout the world. The absolute highlight was achieved during the 1980’s when the image of aerosol sprays became tarnished due to CFC emissions. Until today, roll-ons are the most frequently used type of deodorant in the deodorant industry. 

2001 MUM sold to Procter & Gamble

The US company, Bristol Myers, decided during the 1990’s to focus more strongly on the profitable pharmaceutical business. This had serious consequences for the MUM brand. After the mid-90’s, almost no investments were made in the brand. In 2001, Bristol Myers sold its entire Consumer Division (including MUM) to the worldwide largest consumer goods manufacturer, Procter & Gamble, in the USA.  

2004 Doetsch Grether AG licenses MUM

For Procter & Gamble, MUM was not a strategic brand. Therefore, the Swiss pharmaceutical and cosmetics company, Doetsch Grether AG, in Basel took over the license (Marketing, Sales, and Production) from Procter & Gamble for Europe and the Arabian peninsula. The objective of this long-term partnership was to refresh and successfully re-establish the MUM brand. 

2006 MUM experiences a revival

After two years rebuilding distribution in Europe and Arabia, and an intensive development process, MUM returned to the market with a new, uniform design and improved formulas.  

2008 MUM spray deodorant

After successful, international launch of the new MUM roll-on deodorant, MUM launched a second type of application with the spray deodorant. With the effective formulas and attractive design, MUM underscores its long-standing deodorant competence. 

2013 New web presence

With the relaunch of the website, it is easier for consumers to become more familiar with the MUM brand and its product range. In addition, the new website offers useful information about perspiration and deodorant.

2014 Product relaunch with a new design

The complete MUM product line is being revised. New versions with modern, appealing fragrances will reinforce the product range. Package design and brand image are being redefined and deliver a fresh new look. In fitting with the revision, the website will also be adapted to support the new design.

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